"A deadline met becomes the solace for every undigested epiphany" - Roger Cohen

My writing on art has appeared in Canadian Art, Border Crossings, ARTnews, the Montreal Gazette, Vie des Arts and The National Post, among others. Newspaper contributions attempted to present contemporary art to a general readership: from contemporary trends and profiles on contemporary artists to subjects as varied as art theft, art transportation, artists’ estates and art authentication. In 2010, I was the guest curator for the exhibition Dead Cat Bounce at Art Lexis in New York.

Selected articles:


In Profile (Montreal Gazette)

Sonic Boom, Jan 2007

Robot Love, May 2007

Showing Stories, Oct 2006 (PDF 8.7mb)

Photo Synthesis, July, 2006

Driven To Abstraction, May 2006

Montreal Gazette (news features)

Estates of Play (artists, estates and collections) March 2010

Handle With Care (international art transportation) Sept. 13, 2008

Art Restorer Points Own Finger, May 9, 2008

It Takes a Thief, Sept 1, 2007 (reprinted National Post)

The Case of Jackson Pollock's Fingerprint, Nov 8, 2006 (PDF 3.8mb)

Under The Radar (Montreal Gazette)

The Prince of Park Avenue Nov. 15, 2008

Graveyard Johnny Fast March 2009



Osvaldo Ramirez Castillo @ Galerie Push, Montreal , Canada,  ARTnews June 2011

Anish Kapoor @ the National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi, India - ARTnews March 2011

Canadian Art

Sarindar Dhaliwal - Spring 2011

DHC/ART: Flow Chart - DHC/Art, John Zeppetelli (feature profile) Winter 2010/11

Michael Merril - Nights at the Museum- Fall 2010

Michal Rovner Winter 2010

Joe Battat's Playhouse (feature profile)- Spring 2009

Barry Allikas - Event Horizons - April 2009

Valerie Blass Spring 2009

Francois Lacasse Winter 2008

Québec Triennial Fall 2008

Ingenieux3, Summer 2007

Pascal Grandmaison, Summer 2008

Border Crossings

 Marisol: A Retrospective, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, spring 2024

Nicolas Party: L'heure mauve, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, spring 2022

Caroline Monnet: Ninga Minèh, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, fall 2021       

Relations: Diaspora and Painting, Phi Foundation, fall 2020       

Benjamin Klein, Shifter Bender Striker, fall 2018       

Voices of Fire, (group show) Galerie SAS, summer 2011

Benjamin King, White Sparkle, winter 2011

Janet Werner, Who's Sorry Now? Aug. 2010

Vie des Arts

Anselm Kiefer: Heaven and Earth, Vie des arts #202, 2006 (PDF 1.1mb)

Urban Territories, Vie des arts #201, 2006 (PDF 1mb)

Art Nature Dialogues, Vie des arts, #198, 2005 (PDF 1.1mb)

3 x 3, (Dan Flavin and Carl André Donald Judd) Vie des arts, #198, 2005 (PDF 1.4mb)

Il Modo Italiano:Italian Design and Avant-Garde in the 20th Century, Vie des arts,#203, 2006

Pascal Grandmaison, Vie des arts, # 204, 2006

Montreal Mirror, Hour Magazine (excerpts - regular contributor from 1988 - 1992)

A Shot in the Dark - William S. Burroughs, (exhibition interview) Montreal Mirror 1989 (PDF 1mb)

Silence and Light, Louis Kahn, Hour Magazine 1993 (PDF 1.2mb)

The Economy of Culture, John Grande, Hour Magazine 1993 (PDF 1mb)

The Final Matter, Bruno Ceccobelli, Hour Magazine 1993 (PDF 1mb)


Guest Curator - Dead Cat Bounce, Art Lexis, New York, NY, June - August 2010

Road Signs, catalogue text, Bonnie Baxter exhibition at Division Gallery, Montreal, March 2010

Renée Duval and The View From Here, catalogue text, Renée Duval at Art Mur, Montreal, 2011

Meditations in an Emergency, catalogue text, Trevor Keirnander at Art Mur, Montreal, 2012

The Pedestrian Plumbing of Nicolas Grenier, catalogue text, Nicolas Grenier at Art Mur, Montreal, 2012

Dan Oxley's Dark Wood, catalogue text, Daniel Oxley at Warren G Flowers Gallery, Montreal, 2016

Reflected Anxieties, catalogue text, Erica Dueck at Art Mur, Montreal, 2017

Messages in a Bottle, catalogue text, Adam Gunn at Art Mur, Montreal, 2018